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The Fratellis

Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied Vinyl LP + Ticket


Release Date: 21/08/2015


This multi buy includes:

  • Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied Black Vinyl LP
  • Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied Tour Ticket
‘Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied’, the 4th album by Glaswegian rock trio 'The Fratellis'. Recorded in LA with Tony Hoffer, who also produced their first album smash ‘Costello Music’, this album is the sound of freedom and the sound of a band at the peak of their powers. That unique, bright clarity of California sunshine seems to permeate the record and the band channelled it to create an album that represents what they do best. At the heart of ‘Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied’ there’s a fun, energetic soul reminiscent of their 2006 debut. It’s wonderfully vibrant, playful and the stories and characters it projects embody the spirit of LA. With recognisable nods to 70s Cali-rock, rockabilly and glorious hints of Americana and country layered high, it’s a glorious homecoming with roots in both Scotland and LA.

Littered with standout tracks; The foot stamping ‘Baby Don’t You Lie To Me!’, The spiralling riffs of ‘Getting Surreal’ and ‘Thief’ all big choruses and live crowd pleasers. ‘Dogtown’ parades along with its strident brass section and funk-driven bass line it’s early seventies Stevie Wonder covering The Beatles’ ‘Come Together’. While the delicate, drifting layers of ‘Moonshine’ bring us to a reflective, poised ending.

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